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Pocelain bridges, in the part superior, of second to molar to first premolar left and of canine to second premolar straight and crowns in 1 and 2 to molar straight.

Porcelain crowns to him of canine to canine superior

Total plates of material of luciton.

Bridge to him superior previous since it presented/displayed a mandibular traumatism and to maxilar due to an accident with his motorcycle.

Periodoncia to him in all their set of teeth and to finalize since it did not like the aspect of its previous teeth superiors I choose myself to place crowns of canine to canine

Crowns to him in all the face superior.

Complete restoration with bridges and crowns of porcelain in all their mouth since I choose myself to place the restoration to him so that it had dental problems of wearing down fractured teeth and rest radiculares.

Open bite later were placed veneers and teeth whitening.

Porcelain crowns on top and bleaching of teeth

6 veneers and porcelain crowns.

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