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Wonderful doctor, I had absolutely no pain during or after 8 extractions. Got temporary partials the day after the initial consultation. Very reasonably priced procedures.

- Esther Gonzalez

Dra Luz Marely sincerely cares about human health. Years ago I asked to 6 upper tooth root canals and she did each correctly at a low cost. Dra. Marely has excellent beliefs and values.

- James Grenier

Doctor Luz Marely and her staff are very proffesional and friendly. This is the second time that my family and I come to her. I highly reccomend her to everyone.

- Veronica Chavarria

I went to Dr Marely with a lot of pain and knowing I needed dental work bad. I had previously visited another Dentist close to her but was unsure of who to trust . My daughter in law had previously been her patient and recommended her highly so I decided to go and see for myself and am very glad that I did ,Dr Marely is very professional and considerate to the patients needs . My work is not complete but I know that she will be the one doing my dental needs from now on. Her office is nice and clean and her staff is very professional,and her office is very convieniently located a few doors after you cross . I am happy about the services I received. She offers senior discounts , I am a Senior citizen and looking for the best service and financially the best price and I believe she has everything I need . If you are in need of a dentist drop by and check it out .You will not be disappointed.

- Oleida Aguirre

I traveled to Dra. Luz for multiple Zirconia crowns (20) to be exact. Dra. Luz (with her beautiful smile) and her assistant Sergio was the BEST of the BEST. I could not be more pleased with my decision to use her services. Since returning home I have had nothing but very very positive comments on my new crowns. Talk about making a difference in my smile! The quality of her work is unreal. She is very attentive to the smallest detail. Only until the procedure is right is she satisfied. Her work is better than any dental work I have ever had and I have had my share. She and Sergio made me feel very comfortable and the office was very professional. Dra. Luz does her best to eliminate any pain or discomfort and my time in her chair was minimal due to her confidence, extensive knowledge and treatment protocol. I could not say enough positive things about Dra. Luz and Sergio her assistant. I have and I shall continue to recommend Dra. Luz for any dental work you might have. I value her honesty, trust, and friendship. Never thought I would say I look forward to the next trip to the dentist. God be with you.

- David Washnock

Experience was very positive and I will use this dentist in the future.

- John Feeley

Attended this office and had dental work completed in a very timely fashion. I will be returning for more work. I found the staff friendly and professional I will recommend this dentist to all my friends and relatives

- Brian Miller

This is a wonderful and gently dentist. Who is very concierate and has fair prices. would highly recomend her.

- Arthur Salinas

Great service, friendly staff. All the work was complete as expected. Very clean office. Plan to return for more dental work in the future.

- Russel Scholtz

My local dentist diagnosed a broken tooth and suggested a crown for over $900!. I found Dr. Luz Marley Garcia on line and made an appointment. Once we found her office, the wait was short and the staff were very friendly. My crown prep was done on Tuesday about noon and the metal crown was installed on Wednesday afternoon. Extreme care was displayed during the installation and once the adjustments were completed, the fit perfectly with no problems. No pain during the initial prep or completion. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS WONDERFUL DENTIST AND WILL BE VISITING HER AGAIN!!!

- Henry Hershberger

We had just been in for crowns when I had another tooth break! Sergio scheduled us to return when it was convenient for us and even called to move up our appointment . The doctor is very kind and compassionate and her work is excellent! If you dread going to the dentist, this place is for you! Kind, professional and very reasonable prices. See you next year!

- Gregory Neff

Our 2nd trip to Dr. Marely Garcia last week was great! She and her assisant, Sergio, are very professional and do great work! My husband and I had crowns and were again very pleased. We plan to return in several months for cleanings and whitenings. Thank you, Dr.!

- Cheryl Ann Neff

Good work!

- Jean Franklin

Kind professional doctor, patient advocate, fluent in English was always present, professional and kind as well. Ever step of my tooth care, inspection, xrays, discusing possibilities and choosing protocol, then preparing for crown, fitting temporary crown ad making appointments for final firing were done I a timely, professional manner. Kudos to Doctra Luz and staff!

- Satya Newday

The service was good. The doctor was very nice and understanding. She had great control of the pain and it was very fast. Great quality.

- Leandro Herrera

Dr. Garcia was an excellent professional who I will continue to use as dental services are required. She was very gentle and I barely felt the deadening injections. I received two root canals and preparations for two crowns. I look forward to my next visit.

- Jim Loughmiller

From the Houston area and drove down for an initial consult. I have tetracyclene stains but otherwise healthy teeth. I have been considering veneers for many years, but now am learning about zirconia crowns. Very comfortable visit. Dr Alvarez and team listened and evaluated my circumstances then offered recommendation, all the while attentive to my concerns and preferences. I hope to schedule next visit soon.

- Jim Thompson

She did a very good job

- Eric Marvin

I have never felt more at ease with a dentist. Great service with a great staff at a tremendous price!!!

- Linda Lang

it was a surprising experience, one in which I became relaxed and comfortable in a short time. Dra Luz is likely the most gentle dentist that I have seen. Also, I came trust her judgment and found myself adopting her recommendations. It is not normal for me to do that.

- Paul (Bud) Lang

So far very pleased with dental work, very clean and sanitary. Very reasonable prices!

- Angela Smith

Excellent dentist. Very professional staff. They are very customer service oriented. The staff smiled the whole time and made the treatment very pleasant. The place is very clean , and equivalent to any USA dental clinics. I had a tooth extraction - no pain. It was over in about 30 seconds and they had to tell me it was done!

- Richard Costello

Great was very happy and satisfied with all the dental work I had done would recommend Dr. Luz Marely GarciaAlvarez to anyone that needs any kind of dental work done. thank you Dr.L. M. Garcia Alvarez

- Chris and Eugene Thomas

dr.garcia Thanks for returning my smile and confidence with its aids and the dr.liceaga for taking my root canal. I recommend this team of dr.garcia.

- Daniel Montero

Everything went well. I am very satisfied. I will return for additional work as needed.

- james gibson

This patient reported the dentist being on time. The Dra. and the Specialist, besides the assistant were great. Very caring and they were very concerned that I did not have pain. I am taking my meds and will be returning to finish the crown and hope all goes well on my next visit as it did today. I am sore since I had to open my mouth for almost an hour...hope to feel better tomorrow.

- olivia

thank you very much , the highly recommend . I love my teeth.

- Lucrecia R.

excellent dentist. I want to thank him for his good dental treatment and especially because he has sent back to us my smile. I recommend this dentist even if they look good dentist will not hesitate to turn to it. regards

- james miller

Excelent dentist! I like my dental work.I recomend for all dental work 😊

- Eduardo

I recommend dr.Luz Marely. Best quality service and work, I sincerely will come back, also have excellent Prices... Love it!

- Adriana gonzalez

I went to Dr. Luz in early Nov. 2014 and have nothing but praise for her. She gave me 5 crowns and a permanent bridge - which I didn't even know could be done - and I LOVE it. I don't have a snaggle-toothed smile any more! I am terrified of dentists and have suffered a great deal in dentist offices around the world. Maybe because she is a woman, but the doctor was very gentle and attentive to any pain I might start to feel. She kept me 'numbed up' and got me out the door as soon as possible, on both visits. I got a temporary bridge to wear overnight while my crowns were being made and it was awesome to walk out the door not embarrased of my smile for the first time in 10 years! The next morning, she fine-tuned and installed my crowns & permanent bridge and they looked great. It is now 6 months later, and not one problem with them. I forget they are not 'all me'! A great job for a great price. Thank you!

- Laura K.

excellent dentist. I want to thank him for his good dental treatment and especially because he has sent back to us my smile. I recommend it. regards

- joe montana

Dr. Garcia is an excellent doctor and I especially welcome the dental clinic but especially the most important thing is that it has very good quality of dental work. as good kindness that give you his assistants and doctors. but especially the higyene that has throughout its dental clinic. for my part I am very happy at having put in your hands and if you ever need another dental treatment would choose no other place. recommend this dental clinic for anyone who is looking for a good dentist. thx doctor. garcia

- Michael Lasouraint

Luz marely Dr. is an excellent doctor, last Monday, I pulled out a tooth without pain, without suffering in less than 10 min was already outside the wheel, not inflame me, no pain tube, GREAT WORK !! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

- lupita salas

Hello I am from Michigan and found Dra.Luz Marlely on the internet.. I went there very nervous, but soon she made me feel very good and with her assistant Ana I decided to have dental work done. I am very happy. She is an excellent dentist and I would recommend her to anyone. If you need good quality dental work,go see her! Thank you Dra. Luz Marley and Ana


Dra. Luz, You have given me my confidence again. I am very happy and satisfied with my dental was life a changing experience for me. Thank so much!

- Katrina Johnson

Hi! My name is Laura, I'm from Cd. Victoria, I'm realy very happy with the job of the dentist Luz Marely, because my life changed, now I can eat correctly without pain and my apparence is much better. Doctor, thanks to be so proffesional with your patients. Laura.

- Laura Garcia de Palacios

Dra. Luz, You changed my life! Your dental work has indeed changed my life....I can smile again! I used to hesitate to smile as I was ashamed of my teeth, I no longer am ashamed but proud of my smile. Thank you so very much! Thanks again. Heraldo Piatz

- Heraldo Piatz

I LOVE MY dientes nuevos! Por favor correo electronico mi un antes y un despues de las imagenes de mis dientes . Me va a enviar a mis amigos a ti. Mucha gente en mi trabajo quieren arreglar los dientes y me preguntan por su tarjeta de visita. Voy a dar a cada uno su sitio web para que puedan tener los dientes bonitos tambien . Gracias de nuevo por hacer que mi hermosa sonrisa ! ! Cheryl

- Ceryl Meek